Crixeo: Should Science Edit out Genetic Disorders?

*This post is excerpted from an article that I wrote for Crixeo.  Scientists have successfully modified the DNA of a human embryo to erase a genetic and lethal heart condition. The experiment, published August 2 in the journal Nature, used a tool known as CRISPR, or Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats, and was the first to successfully “correct” a gene mutation in human embryos. Reactions to this news range from excitement to horror. Soon we could have the technology to help parents who carry genes for genetic disorders to conceive children free of those traits. But should we?

Please Don’t Ask Me How Homeschool Is Going

"Hey! How is homeschool going?" Such an innocent question. And yet, there are so many not-so-innocent words I want to throw out in response.

A Mother’s Prayer

Dear Lord, as I gaze upon the calm and peaceful countenance of my sleeping child, I am filled with a love so great, that I am certain my body can't hold it. And then the love continues to grow, and I am amazed that You've given me a heart capable of holding something larger than the encapsulated sum of everything.

A Family of Vaders

My daughter had her 7th birthday this week. We've long had a rule that our kids are not allowed to watch Star Wars until they are 7-years-old. (We picked the age arbitrarily, but the reason for the limit is that the movies are a little scary, and as we've established before, my kids are terrified of … Continue reading A Family of Vaders

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