Your Daily Funny :)

Probably 3 years ago or so, we bought a Disney Princess CD, that for some reason included “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” from the Lion King. The first time we listened to it, Emma asked me what “disaster” meant, and I said, “It’s just like a really bad thing.” Being a completely reasonable toddler, she was immediately terrified of both the word and the song. For the longest time she wouldn’t listen to it, and she would have a complete freak-out fit if even the song before it (Once Upon a Dream–her favorite song at the time) came on. She had a paralyzing fear that once that song ended, I wouldn’t get to the CD player in time to skip THE SONG OF DEATH. She even convinced Sophia to hate the song.

Nothing I could say would convince her that the song was safe. “Honey, that weird little badger guy from the movie is just worried that his friend will want to spend all his time with his new girlfriend. It’s normal, I promise!” Alas, she remained terrified.

We haven’t listened to the CD regularly in at least a year and a half. Both of the girls prefer pop music now. Every once in a while we’d pull it out because somebody requested a specific song, but we’d listen to the one song and that would be that. Well, today while I was in the shower, Matt put the CD on for the girls. Apparently, they needed a break from Christmas music. (A break from Christmas music?! Mom would NOT have allowed that. I’ll deal with it later, though.)

So there we were, innocently listening to Princess Aurora and Prince Phillip sing Once Upon a Dream, and I couldn’t help thinking, Uh oh, The Lion King’s coming on. I didn’t say anything, though, and to my relief neither did the girls. Maybe they’ve forgotten. They were pretty little.

Then I had to ask (stupid Mommy!) “So do you guys like this song?”

Sophia: Noooo!! It says “disaster!” That’s a bad word!

Me: It’s not a bad word. It just means something bad. Is “bad” a bad word?

Now, I know what you’re thinking. I’ve already told you about the joy I take in scaring my children. This is all my fault. But hey, did you notice that memory? Not bad for a four and a half year old. I’ll take it as a win.

This isn’t the most Thanksgiving-ish post I could’ve written, so I’ll end with some gratefulness. God has blessed me with so many gifts. A happy, healthy family whom I love more than anything, amazing friends, plenty of food, a warm home, and the privilege of being able to help others. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday!

2 thoughts on “Your Daily Funny :)

  1. Now it makes sense that Emma would not listen to those songs…. what is remarkable to me is how such little girls could comprehend the word and remember all these years – and they are only 5 and 4!


  2. Emma – “Mommy, why is Daddy locked in the storage room?”
    Nicole – “He turned off the Christmas music. You ask to do that again and you’ll be in there with him.”


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