Merry Christmas to All!

I hope all of you are snuggled up with someone you love! ​ ​

Sister Love

This really just happened. Emma and Sophia were playing in the basement when the swell of some sort of roar-scream hybrid came rushing up the stairs. Surely, someone had lost a toe or discovered a dead body in the bathroom. I went running to rescue my babies. No one had lost a toe. It was … Continue reading Sister Love

My New Year’s Writing Resolutions

I've actually never written New Year's Resolutions before, but I do like setting concrete goals, so I thought I'd give it a try this year. Here are a few things I hope to accomplish this year with my writing: Write at least 5,000 words a week until I finish the first draft of Freedom City. … Continue reading My New Year’s Writing Resolutions

Your Daily Funny :)

Probably 3 years ago or so, we bought a Disney Princess CD, that for some reason included "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" from the Lion King. The first time we listened to it, Emma asked me what "disaster" meant, and I said, "It's just like a really bad thing." Being a completely reasonable toddler, … Continue reading Your Daily Funny 🙂

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