A Family of Vaders

My daughter had her 7th birthday this week. We’ve long had a rule that our kids are not allowed to watch Star Wars until they are 7-years-old. (We picked the age arbitrarily, but the reason for the limit is that the movies are a little scary, and as we’ve established before, my kids are terrified of everything.) She has been waiting for this moment for YEARS. She and my husband will watch episode IV this weekend.

In honor of this occasion, here is my Darth Vader family:

Darth Vader masks

6 thoughts on “A Family of Vaders

  1. That’s actually the reason we didn’t start with Episode I. It was so boring, I fell asleep when I saw it in the theatre! I think she’ll really like the original Star Wars, though, and most of the other movies too.


        1. Oh, I know! I actually fell asleep in the theatre when I went to see Episode I! I had voted for having her skip that one altogether and watching IV-VI, then II, and III, but my husband vetoed it. He says I is worth watching just to see how we got to II. (And III is his favorite, so he’d never go for skipping the prequels altogether.) But I insisted, she can NOT watch I first. She’ll think Star Wars is the most boring series ever and won’t want to watch the rest of them.

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