Parent Judging: Why Is Everyone an Expert on Other People’s Kids?

I was sitting with my family in the little cafe area at Target. (Naturally.) My husband was waiting in line at Starbucks, and my four kids, miraculously, were sitting and/or playing quietly while I worked on my grocery list. A mom and her two young boys were sitting at the table next to us, and at one point I looked up, caught her eye, and smiled. She did not smile back. That should've been my first clue that something was wrong with her.

Please Vote for Where the Heart Is!

Hello friends! I'm so excited to announce that I just joined the Top Mommy Blogs directory! Would you please click on the link below and vote for my blog? It will increase my ranking in the directory, and hopefully make my blog easier for other mommy bloggers to find. Just click on the image below, … Continue reading Please Vote for Where the Heart Is!

This is the fanciest my nails have ever been. Any bets on how long till I mess it up?

13 Random Things I Had on My Mind Today

  If you'd like to enter the dark and disorganized corners of my brain, please read on. I can't promise that you'll make it out quickly, though. Well, you probably will. It's only 13 things. What time does the liquor store close? "Birfdays was the worst days. Now we drink champagne when we thirstay!" (Just … Continue reading 13 Random Things I Had on My Mind Today

Diary of a Discerning Dog

 Diary of a Discerning Dog Oh, hello. If this is our first meeting, then welcome to my weekly column. I am Lucy. (Not Snorty McSnortferson, Stanley, Stinky Puppy, Lucimus Goosimus Valentinius Marcilinus, or any of the other undignified nicknames my family has invented for me. For crying out loud. Lucy is a perfectly respectable name. Please … Continue reading Diary of a Discerning Dog

You guys. I packed a lunch the night before. #winning #imomsohard

Alternative Excuses

  Hellloooooo, dear readers! I'm back! Back from a long, miserable absence from the blogosphere! Oh, how I have missed you! I apologize for my lengthy absence. Some of you may have wondered where I'd gone. Others are scratching your heads and wondering if you've ever heard of me before. Is she the one with … Continue reading Alternative Excuses

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