My New Year’s Writing Resolutions

I’ve actually never written New Year’s Resolutions before, but I do like setting concrete goals, so I thought I’d give it a try this year. Here are a few things I hope to accomplish this year with my writing:

  1. Write at least 5,000 words a week until I finish the first draft of Freedom City.
  2. Participate in my monthly critique group and use the feedback I receive to improve my work.
  3. Critique other writers’ work to help me hone my craft.
  4. Attend the Unicorn Writers’ Conference in March and have at least two one-on-one meetings with literary agents.
  5. Pitch to at least one more agent with whom I do not have a pre-scheduled meeting.
  6. Complete Freedom City, with edits and revisions, by July.
  7. Query at least 100 literary agents.
  8. Start a new book!

What are you planning to accomplish this year? I love hearing from you!

4 thoughts on “My New Year’s Writing Resolutions

  1. Sounds awesome and good luck to you! I’m hoping to have my current WIP ready for beta readers by January and once that’s finished, start and finish my next book. And maybe do NaNo this year. We’ll see 🙂


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