The Time Suck

I need to be writing. I mean I really need to be writing. My book has been on hold since the day my youngest son was born, and I absolutely, positively, need to get back to it! Everyone says, "Well, you've got a pretty good excuse!" And that's true. And don't get me wrong, nothing is … Continue reading The Time Suck

Can you answer these 5 basic questions?

Who comes up with these Facebook quizzes? You know, the ones that ask you to answer a list of "basic" questions, and then reward you with a title such as "PhD Level Botanist!" for knowing that grass is green. Don't get me wrong. I get sucked into quizzes as much as anyone else, but some … Continue reading Can you answer these 5 basic questions?

Goodbye 2014!

Since my New Year's Resolutions from last year were pretty much a bust, I thought instead of coming up with a new list of things I probably won't accomplish next year, I'd make a list of things I hope we can leave behind this year. So here we are... Five Things 2014 Can Take with … Continue reading Goodbye 2014!

Contest Results

Hey everyone! Here are the results of my first ever blog contest. We had 9 commenters (excluding me), 18 Twitter shares, and 13 Facebook shares, for a total of 40 entries. I'd say that's pretty good for my first blog event. Thank you everyone who participated. I loved reading all of your comments. And wouldn't … Continue reading Contest Results


Hey everybody! So I've decided to throw my very first blog contest. I'm giving away a signed copy of Tell the Wolves I'm Home by Carol Rifka Brunt. Here are the rules. Just fill in the blank for this statement in the comments section below: "One problem only kids from my generation would understand is..." Any … Continue reading Contest!!


I started a blog! I started a blog! So here it is, 2013, and I'm just now discovering the wonder that is blogging. Not that I'm a hopeless dolt who's never heard of a web log before. I'm just late to everything. I joined facebook in 2009. I'd never pinned before last year. My very … Continue reading Welcome!

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