I started a blog! I started a blog!

So here it is, 2013, and I’m just now discovering the wonder that is blogging. Not that I’m a hopeless dolt who’s never heard of a web log before. I’m just late to everything. I joined facebook in 2009. I’d never pinned before last year. My very first tweet of my tweeting life was just three months ago! (Or was it four? My short-term memory fell out of my brain around 2008.)

But why shouldn’t I blog? I’m a writer. I like to talk. I looove to tell stories. And I pray all you lovely readers will enjoy hearing them. (Please like my stories. It’s OK if you don’t, just don’t tell me. OK, you can tell me, but be nice. Oh what the hell, I can take it. Bring on the criticism! But you like my stories, right?)

This blog is about my relentless quest to get my novels published. You’ll find posts about writing, editing, networking with other authors, and of course, me begging querying agents and publishers for their help. I’ll also write about my kids, my gorgeous husband (see cover photo), my curmudgeonly old man trapped in a puppy’s body, and life in general. Because what writer can really separate all that from their work, anyway?

Thank you for reading! I do hope you enjoy the blog!

5 thoughts on “Welcome!

    1. I think you have to have some kind of blog reader account. WordPress.com has one. Google reader used to be a good one, but I think I heard that’s now defunct? I’m not sure. I’m on wordpress, and I just see a little link in the top left that says “follow.” If you don’t have an account, I guess the link wouldn’t be there.


  1. Yes, google reader is dead and my heart is still not healed. Surely you can add a way to subscribe by email. Im not totally sold on feely.


    1. OK Dave and Cara! I figured it out! Even if you are not registered with a “reader,” you should see a link in the bottom right corner of the blog that says “follow.” Click on that, and you can sign up to get email notices of new blog posts. If you don’t see that, let me know, please! Thanks!


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