Contest Results

Hey everyone! Here are the results of my first ever blog contest.

We had 9 commenters (excluding me), 18 Twitter shares, and 13 Facebook shares, for a total of 40 entries. I’d say that’s pretty good for my first blog event. Thank you everyone who participated. I loved reading all of your comments.

And wouldn’t you know, the winner is none other than the very first participant, Janneke. Congratulations Janneke! I hope you enjoy the book.

Stay tuned. I’ll have more books to give away in the future. Until then, please keep reading and commenting. I love hearing from you!


It turns out that Janneke is one of my international followers. And like I stated in the contest rules, if a reader outside the US wins the contest, he or she will receive an Amazon gift card as a prize because shipping the book would be too expensive. Hope you order a great book with your gift card Janneke!

So, since I still want to give this book away, I decided to do a second drawing and give the book to the runner up. This time, the winner is…Marie! (AKA “Mom”)

I swear this wasn’t rigged. Hope you like the book Mom. If you don’t mind, I’ll just give it to you when I see you on Sunday. 🙂

Thanks again to all of you for playing!

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