VOTE and I Could Send You an Amazon Gift Card!

Hey friends! I don't know about you, but I've been feeling pretty discouraged about the state of our democracy. The level of disregard for human life, for suffering, and for our civil rights is sickening. It almost makes you want to curl up and hide. But you can't. I can't.


Contest! Win a FREE Blog Post for Your Business!

Hey friends! Do you like giveaways and winning free stuff? Well I'm giving away a blog post for free! Great giveaway contest and social media contests for business.

Contest Results

Hey everyone! Here are the results of my first ever blog contest. We had 9 commenters (excluding me), 18 Twitter shares, and 13 Facebook shares, for a total of 40 entries. I'd say that's pretty good for my first blog event. Thank you everyone who participated. I loved reading all of your comments. And wouldn't … Continue reading Contest Results

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