My Birthday Girl!

In honor of my oldest daughter's birthday, here's a pic of the two of us girls, out on the town.    

It’s OK to Want to Lose Weight

This is the time for making resolutions, and so many of us resolve to eat better, get more exercise, and lose weight at the beginning of the year. I think a lot of moms (including me!) worry about how our dieting and exercising behavior might affect our daughters. I've read a lot of posts recently … Continue reading It’s OK to Want to Lose Weight

My Favorite Gift This Year

Just wanted to share with you all what my wonderful husband gave me for Christmas this year. He actually gave it to me weeks ago figuring (correctly) that I'd probably buy it for myself immediately after its release. It's the new novel from my writing idol, Joshilyn Jackson! Signed by her and everything! I've already … Continue reading My Favorite Gift This Year

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