Inbody: How Does Muscle Affect Your Risk for Diabetes?

When most people resign from a job, they’re often eager to move on to the next exciting step in their careers. Some might be tempted to hop from one place to the next without much attention to what lies between, or how to properly close the door on a current position in an amicable way. But there is a right way and a wrong way to resign. And the right way starts with a well-crafted resignation letter. Since the choices you make here could affect your career in the future, let’s look at the most common questions employees ask about writing a resignation letter.

Crixeo: A Brief History of the Circumcision Debate

On his eighth day of life, a newborn Jewish boy is taken to his family’s synagogue. His mother hands him to the kvatters, who place him in the Chair of Elijah for his bris. So begins the Jewish ritual of circumcision, which tradition says seals Abraham’s covenant with God as described in Genesis 17. A Muslim family teaches their sons that the Prophet Muhammad was born without a foreskin. To emulate the prophet, Muslim boys are circumcised, usually in a hospital, sometime before the age of 12. People of many cultures and religions, including Jews, Muslims, ancient Egyptians and tribal people around the world, have practiced male circumcision for centuries. No one knows for sure exactly when it started, but some historians say it may have begun as a puberty rite among Australian aboriginal tribes in 10,000 BC. Later, tribes in Northern East Africa and the Arabian Peninsula would adopt the practice. Circumcision has fallen in and out of favor throughout history, but the story of its introduction to nonreligious, Western populations is interesting. Outside of Jewish and Muslim communities, it was uncommon to routinely circumcise boys until the late 19th and early 20th centuries, when doctors began promoting it as a way to prevent masturbation and some diseases.

Constructing the Perfect Workout Playlist (AKA: Tunes to Sweat By)

Hello my beautiful blogging buddies! (How's that for alliteration?) I need your help. In honor of my new bluetooth headphones that my wonderful husband and children gave me for Mother's Day, I am on a mission to construct my perfect workout playlist. It only includes a few songs so far, and that will only get … Continue reading Constructing the Perfect Workout Playlist (AKA: Tunes to Sweat By)

It’s OK to Want to Lose Weight

This is the time for making resolutions, and so many of us resolve to eat better, get more exercise, and lose weight at the beginning of the year. I think a lot of moms (including me!) worry about how our dieting and exercising behavior might affect our daughters. I've read a lot of posts recently … Continue reading It’s OK to Want to Lose Weight

Thank You for Washing

I realize I run the risk of coming off as a grumpy curmudgeon for writing this. (I'm not, really. I'm actually quite nice and more often happy than not, if you get to know me. I promise!) But even still, I'm going to write it. I feel like I owe it to my fellow Americans. … Continue reading Thank You for Washing

I Think My Children May Have Stolen My Brain: Is Momnesia Real?

Do you think an unborn child can suck her mother's brains out through the umbilical cord? I realize this sounds "scientifically impossible," but hear me out. I used to be pretty smart. OK, I shouldn't be so modest. I was kind of a super brain. (My mom will  back me up on this.) Now, I … Continue reading I Think My Children May Have Stolen My Brain: Is Momnesia Real?

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