A Puppy in a Cone

My sweet little Lucy Goose had surgery on her ear yesterday. Poor girl. But you should see how cute it is when she tries to figure out how to scratch at her stitches with that cone on.  

The Cutest Puppy Ever

Hello friends! I'm starting a new blog feature this week called "Photo Friday." Basically, I'll just post a photo that I'd like to share with you. It may or may not be a photo that I snapped myself. I  hope you enjoy! This is my sweet and crazy Boston Terrier, Lucy. This photo was taken … Continue reading The Cutest Puppy Ever

My Dog’s Christmas List

Alternate Title: The Christmas Wish List of Lucimus Goosimus Varcinius Maximus Roder (Lucy to her friends) This is Lucy.  As you can see, she is quite adorable. That ridiculous nickname above is courtesy of my husband. She also goes by Lucy Goose, Snorty McSnortferson, Stanley the Grumpy Old Man, and Puppy. I'm pretty sure I gave … Continue reading My Dog’s Christmas List

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