More Stuff My Kids Say

OK, so my last post on this topic was pretty funny. But since my kids keeping saying stuff, I thought I’d share a few more gems with you. I’ve been saving these up for a while!

You know there’s gonna be one where they embarrass me at Target:

Stephanie (Cashier at Target): So you guys out shopping with Mommy today?

Raymond: Yeah, we need some cream for my bottom. (Pulls down pants, turns around, and bends over.) Because I got a rash!


I really have no idea what this means:

“Have you ever used your eyes as lights, and then when you wanted to put down the lights, you took your eyeballs out and put them on the floor?”

–Emma, at 5 years old

“If you have a huge dinosaur inside your body, and you take it out of your body, then you know what you can do? Kill all the demons!”

–Raymond, at 3 years old

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery?

Me: Sophia, would you like some milk?

Sophia: I’m Mommy.

Me: OK. Mommy, would you like some milk?

Sophia: No. I only drink coffee and diet coke.

We’ll file this under “Ways to creep Mommy out”

Emma (at 4 years old): Mommy, what are those white things with no faces called?

Me: What white things?

Emma: They’re white and they have no faces, or skin, or hair, or arms, or legs, or feet.

Me: Where did you see them?

Emma: They’re flying around our house.

Me: I have no idea.

Umm…so sweet?

“Mom, I think I still love you.”

–Raymond, at 4-years-old

 I wish!

Sophia (at 3 years old): Mommy, can we go to Kateri’s pool tomorrow morning?

Me: No, Honey. It’s winter. The pool’s closed.

Sophia: No, I said tomorrow morning.

Me: Tomorrow morning will still be winter.

Sophia: Oh…(brief pause)…Is the beach closed in winter?

Probably true, honey. 

“Mom, maybe if you didn’t have so many kids, you wouldn’t lose your brains.”

Emma, at 6 years old 


7 thoughts on “More Stuff My Kids Say

  1. White things with no faces that fly around the house? Um…yeah…I think I’ll stay away from your house. 😉

    Kids are so funny. You’re smart to record the funny things they say. I wish I had done more of that when my boys were younger.

    Liked by 1 person

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