About the Writer

Hi, I’m Nicole. I’m the blogger behind Where the Heart Is. First, a little about myself. I live in Maryland with my husband and 4 children, ages 9, 8, 5, and 2. We also have Lucy, our fiercely terrifying, 20 pound Boston Terrier who protects our home from some ubiquitous danger only she can see.

In addition to this blog, I run a freelance writing, editing, and marketing business. My work has appeared in Today’s Parent, Crixeo, Chesapeake Family LIFE, the Baltimore Sun, and many blogs and websites. I write parenting and lifestyle articles for magazines and newspapers. For businesses and nonprofits, I write marketing materials, white papers, newsletters, email campaigns, success stories, and anything else that might help my clients grow their lists, advance their missions, and bring in money.

If you are interested in growing your nonprofit donor base, or increasing your business revenue, check out my business page, or read some of my industry how-to articles here:

Email Marketing for Nonprofits: 9 Easy Tips to Grow Your Network

Nonprofit marketing directors know that a good email list is essential to gaining and utilizing donors and supporters. But getting people to hand over their email address is only the first challenge. You also need to keep them around. And in today’s atmosphere of competing interests and overflowing inboxes, that can be tricky. So how do nonprofits get people to sign up and keep them subscribed?

Here are my nine easy tips for growing and maintaining a nonprofit email list. Read more

How to Write Like a Professional: Build a Framework for your Post

Do you want to improve your writing skills? Since I started blogging, I have talked to so many people who have told me, “I’d love to start a blog! I have so many ideas about fitness/fashion/parenting/crafting/name-your-topic, and I think I could really help people! The only problem is, I’m afraid my writing may not be good enough.” Read more

3 Quick and Easy Edits to Make Your Writing Look More Professional

Since I started blogging, so many people have told me that they’d like to start a blog, but they’re afraid that their writing skills aren’t where they should be. The good news is, writing is a skill that can be improved with practice, just like anything else.

This series, “Writerly Wednesdays,” is aimed at bloggers who want to improve their writing skills and make their posts more clear, engaging, and un-put-downable. Even if you have to break a few syntax rules every now and then. 😉  Read more

How to Use Apostrophes

Another blogger asked me about this last week, so I decided to dedicate this week’s Writerly Wednesday to apostrophes. This little piece of punctuation seems to trip a lot of writers up, so let’s look at scenarios in which you would, or would not, use an apostrophe. Read more

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Photo credit: Melissa Arroyo, http://www.melissaarroyo.com

Contact Nicole:

Email: nicoleroderwriter@gmail.com



  1. He he. Great page! I have a near 15 lb cat that spots danger only she can see as well. But she does nothing to protect us, she just stares at it until we’re so weirded out we have to leave the room 🙂


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