Interview with the Humor Blogger: Cookie Kibbles from notaneffingfairytale

Hey, hey! I’ve been on a break for a couple of weeks, but now it’s time to bring back my humor blogger interviews! Today, I’m talking to Cookie Kibbles from Not an Effing Fairy Tale. She’s a former stand up comic turned stay at home mum blogger from the U.K.

Let’s learn about her, shall we?

interview cookie kibbles

  1. How did your blog get started?

My blog started out in it’s first incarnation in 2008 as a place to store my stand up notes and material.

Notaneffingfairytale came about when I started to do less stand up but still wanted to write funny stuff. The majority of what I wtite started out as notes or one liners for a stand up set.

2. How do you define your niche? Do you have a target audience?

Nope! When I first put this blog together, I tried to be a ‘mummy blogger’. When I look back at those first blogs I cringe because I was trying to be something I wasn’t. I do sometimes write about my children, but I also write about relationships and all sorts of things – anything that I find funny. So I don’t really have a niche and my target audience is who ever wants to have a laugh at my life.

3. Where do you get your material? Do you think funny things happen to you more than other people, or do you have to “enhance” your stories to make people laugh?

I get my material from everyday life really and from scouring the mail on line, picing up a story and pretending it happened to me.

4. Do you think that being funny is something that comes naturally, or can a writer learn it?

You can’t learn it in my opinion.
You can learn how to write a joke, but humor comes from your personality.
You either see the world as a messed up joke or you don’t.

5. How do you find other humor bloggers to connect with? Is there some “humor blogger cool kids table” I haven’t been invited to?

If you find it, can you tell me? Especially if there are free burgers. There are a few really funny bloggers out there, but ‘comics’ don’t’ tend to like each other very much to be honest!

6. Seriously, do you connect with other humor bloggers?

I don’t really. There are some great ‘mum’ bloggers who I know who are very funny, but it’s hard to connect with humor bloggers because there is a huge vien of competition.

7. Do you monetize your blog? How do you do it?

Oh, how I have tried to make money from my blog. I swear far too much and sometimes write about abuse which really tends to put people off.

8. Do you think it’s harder to find a “product” to sell when your product is wit and sarcasm?

No, not at all. But it depends on what you write about – no one tends to want to work with me when I write about the bad shags I have had, or how I have dream humped Eamon Holmes.

9. How do you publicize your blog? Are there any social media platforms that you think work best for humor bloggers?

I only really share to my facebook parge. I am very lazy with self promotion. As for platforms for humour bloggers? It’s the luck of the draw with twitter etc.

10. Any final words of wisdom for other humor bloggers?

Stop. You are not as funny as me and never will be.
Stop nicking my audience.

Follow Cookie Kibbles on social media!

Twitter @cookiekibbles
Instagram @cookiekibbles

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