Interview with the Humor Blogger:

Hello, hello! It’s time for another rendition of “Interview with the Humor Blogger!” Today, I’m talking with Marie from Midlife Dramas in Pyjamas. She’s a midlife blogger, big knickers wearer, gin drinker, cocktail lover, delusional dancer, reluctant gym goer, teens & hubby tamer, and cantankerous cat owner. On occasion she goes out in her pyjama top – needs must…

Let’s get to know her, shall we?

Interview midlife dramas in pyjamas

  1. How did your blog get started?

I woke up on my 49th birthday and thought, ‘I’m going to keep a diary of the last year in my 40s’ – God knows why! After a few entries they became funny – I couldn’t help myself. I’m stunned I managed to keep it up for the whole year, as I have a very low boredom threshold. So, I had a year’s worth of entries and at the ripe old age of 50 – encouraged by my hubby and with the help of a friend – I started my blog. Until this point I’d used the computer merely as a posh typewriter – me and technology didn’t (and still don’t) have a very good relationship; we’re really only on polite nodding terms.

2. How do you define your niche? Do you have a target audience?

Before I started, I googled midlife blogs and was inundated with sites telling me what to wear, what make-up to use, where to go on holiday (now I was ‘old’) and what life insurance I should have. Apparently now I’m 50 I’m not capable of dressing myself.  Some of the clothes I was being told to wear I wouldn’t have suggested to my 80 year old mother! A-Line tunic? No thank you.

At this point I hadn’t discovered any funny midlife blogs, so I thought I’d be the only one (I’ve since found loads). So my niche is midlife humour: teenagers, wine, friends, body hang-ups, hubby, clothes, the menopause, the cat…etc. There are loads of young mummy blogs out there, so let’s hear it for the midlifers!

3. What do you think makes a piece of writing funny? Do you have to write about a funny situation, or can you tell a story about anything in a humorous manner?

Humour is a very personal thing. I’ve read some blogs that have been recommended to me as ‘hilarious’ and they’ve not even made me smile. I’ve had one friend tell me my posts aren’t long enough, and another friend tell me their length is perfect as they’re short and easy to read. So, some folk will find me hilarious and some folk will probably find me tedious. I can live with that.

I can naturally see the funny side in situations. In my post about going swimming, I talk about the issues I have at the pool, all of which lend themselves to humour. Everything I write about has actually happened to me, which I believe makes my posts relatable. These things happen to many of us. What woman hasn’t had to give a wee sample, struggled to find that magical dress for the Christmas party, had a run-in with a hairdresser or had too much to drink on a girly night out?! One comment on a post asked if I was related to Mr Bean – that made ME lol!

4. Are there any other humour bloggers whom you look up to?

A lot of humour bloggers hook me in because I’ve stumbled across a very funny post. But only a few can maintain that level of humour. When you’re trying to write a post every week from scratch it can be very difficult to make it funny. I’m lucky because I have a year’s worth of material to peruse through, and tweak into a quality (hopefully) post. I’m still writing a diary now.

However, my favourite blogger by far is Kooky Chic.  Her posts are all mini stories (but not too long or I’d lose interest – low boredom threshold remember) and they are consistently funny. We have a very supportive relationship; I tell her she’s hilarious and she tells me I’m hilarious. If we fall out I’d like to claim custody of her sparkly tiara, but she can keep the cows…

5. Do you monetize your blog? How do you do it?

No, because I get annoyed when adverts appear in the middle of something I’m reading.  However…if any companies would like me to test (and endorse): swimming costumes that don’t hold your body to ransom; a moisturiser that makes me look 10 years younger or a shampoo that gives me swishy, glossy locks; suck-it-all-in knickers that don’t make me feel sick; smokey eye make-up that makes me look more like Jennifer Aniston and less like Mike Tyson or ANY kind of gin – I’m your woman!

6. What about freelance writing? Have you ever used your blog as a springboard to other writing jobs?

No, I wouldn’t know how to or who to contact.  But I’m open to offers…

7. How do you publicize your blog? Are there any social media platforms that you think work best for humour bloggers?

I’m on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook and none of them bring me any new blog followers. I’m always reading how these things bring 1000s of followers for others, but for me? Not so much! I enjoy FB most because I create extras purely for my page – like MEMES. I LOVE thinking up MEMES! If people like my FB page it’s because they’ve genuinely found me funny, and want to follow me – they’re not expecting anything in return other than my humour.  On Twitter a lot of people only follow you because they want you to follow them back – and if you don’t, they unfollow you. My followers have gone up and down to the point of making me seasick!

8. Do you have any goals for where you’d like to see your blog in the future?

As a book on a shelf in Waterstones; as opposed to a book in the bargain bin of a cheap outlet book store.

9. Any final words of wisdom for other humour bloggers?

Keep going. I’ve been on the verge of giving up a few times, but then something’s happened to reaffirm my belief in myself. Like this interview – so thank you, Nicole. You’ve brought me back from the brink…

If curiosity gets the better of you…find me here: (I’m actually doing quite well here) (I’m plodding slowly but surely here) (Failing miserably here but my board covers are awesome! Lol) (Mmmmm, no comment…)

Marie Midlife Dramas in Pyjamas


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  1. You take the tiara you get the calves Love! God you’re fabulous, you can tell just by looking at your gorgeous photo. What we lived closer but we’ll meet one day. Thanks, Thanks, THANKS for the shout out. I owe you a million $ XXX

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