Interview with the Humor Blogger: Katie  from The Squirmy Popple

This week we’re talking to Katie from The Squirmy Popple. Katie is an American-ish digital content nerd living in Glasgow with her husband, toddler and a-hole cat. She was born in New York but moved to the UK over a decade ago and never looked back. Her passions include cheese, feminism and NPR.


1. How did your blog get started?
I started my blog, The Squirmy Popple, while I was on maternity leave because I thought writing about new motherhood was a pretty clever idea.
“I’ll chronicle my journey as a new parent! I bet no one has thought of this before!” I thought to myself.
Except like a zillion other mothers were already doing it.
‘Mommy/Mummy blogs’ are a thing. I’d just never come across them before because I’d never been a parent before, and therefore had no reason to search for what to pack in a hospital bag or weaning recipes.
I was also desperate to have something that was just for me during a time when I was devoting everything I had to keeping a very small person alive. That shit is intense.
2. How do you define your niche? Do you have a target audience? I guess I’m ‘funnyish’ parenting blogger, prone to the occasional rant about feminism and politics. Most of my readers are other parents, and the rest are related to me. Hi Mom!
I say ‘funnyish’ because I never set out to be a comedy writer, but humor usually just kind of creeps into my posts, even the serious ones. I kind of can’t help myself.
3. Where do you get your material? Do you think funny things happen to you more than other people, or do you have to “enhance” your stories to make people laugh?
My kid is my material, mostly – that and current events (like the sexist thing that Trump has said). There’s no shortage of funny things to write about when you live with a toddler, but I don’t think funny things happen to me more than other people – it’s all in the way that you look at it. They key is to not take life – or yourself – too seriously.
4. Do you think that being funny is something that comes naturally, or can a writer learn it? I think most funny people probably come to it naturally, but you can learn how to be funnier writer by reading other funny people. Just don’t, you know, steal their jokes.
5. How do you find other humor bloggers to connect with? Is there some “humor blogger cool kids table” I haven’t been invited to? Um…if there is, I haven’t been invited either.
6. Seriously, do you connect with other humor bloggers? I find bloggers whose writing I connect with, follow them on social media and interact with them – retweeting, Facebook commenting, all that good stuff.
7. Do you monetize your blog? How do you do it? Nope. I decided right from the get-go that monetizing wasn’t really my thing. I blog because I enjoy it, and I’m afraid that trying to make money from it would ruin it for me.
8. Do you think it’s harder to find a “product” to sell when your product is wit and sarcasm? I think it depends on the sort of brands you want to work with. If you’re trying to collaborate with some of the household names, then yeah, probably. But there are plenty of companies out there with a sense of humor (Irn-Bru is a great example) that I’m sure would love to work with bloggers who approach things a bit differently.
9. How do you publicize your blog? Are there any social media platforms that you think work best for humor bloggers? Twitter is my jam. I can get pretty good banter with other bloggers going on there. I wish Facebook was my jam, because it seems to work really well for humorous posts, but I just can’t seem to crack it.
10. Any final words of wisdom for other humor bloggers? Just be yourself and don’t try too hard. The funniest people are the ones who make it seem effortless.


Interview with the humor blogger_ Katie Dickerson The Squirmy Popple


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