Ode to Nap Time: A Limerick

There once was a mom with four kids,

And momming was all that she did.
She wanted to write, like she used to at night,
But the baby never shut his eyelids.

Ode to nap time

All through the summer she played
At the pool for days upon days.
She soaked up the sun (and SPF fifty-one!
Don’t worry, the baby had shade!)

To the beach and the parks she was flyin’.
Pony-watching on Assateague Island!
She learned to tie-dye, and how space shuttles fly.
Museums and train rides, no lyin’!

Priceless quality time she did spend
Snuggling with all four of them.
And despite the hot sun, she really had fun
Hiking through nature’s rear end.

But her writing muscles got rusty.
Her novel sat on a shelf getting dusty.
Would she ever complete it? Or just have to delete it?
She wanted to publish this puppy!

But then came a glimmer of hope,
A work-at-home-mom‘s life rope.
School was starting, yippee! And she shouted with glee,
“I’ll work while they read and skip rope!”

But she still had the baby to care for,
Plus a four-year-old (he’s a wild boar!)
What could she do to amuse these two?
Do Gypsies buy kids anymore?

Then like a hammer it hit her.
Nap time‘s as good as a sitter!
She gave the big boy a book. Halleluia! It took!
Even the baby slept, Mister!

She wanted to shout from the rafters:
This morning she finished four chapters!
By Christmas, I bet, she’ll write this book yet,
And hail nap time for all ever after.

8 thoughts on “Ode to Nap Time: A Limerick

  1. Ha, this is so cute! Loved it. But just remember, one day they’ll be headed off to college (like my oldest…), and you’ll be so happy you had this time with them.

    Loved these lines: “She soaked up the sun (and SPF fifty-one!
    Don’t worry, the baby had shade!)”

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I loved this. Giggled all the way through and I hear you on those precious nap times! I can move mountains in the rare 20 mins that one of my two happens to fall asleep! Brilliant and one to share for National Limerick Day next week! Xx

    Liked by 1 person

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