It’s a Doggy Halloween Costume Contest!

Hello spooky friends! Who’s looking forward to Halloween? The kids and I super excited! Lucy…not so much. Every year, someone in our house forces her to put on a costume and trick or treat with the kids.

Lucy: Mommy, give us a break. The cruel costume perpetrator is you.

Me: Oh, puppy. You are adorable in your costumes and you know it!

Lucy: Mmmmm…would we say adorable? Or constricted from moving my front paws while some cheap fabric from PetsMart incessantly brushes my ears?

Me: Whatever. It’s fun and we love it.

Lucy: (Help.)

Just look at how adorable she was in her past costumes.

But this year, rather than wearing the costume, Lucy gets to help me judge a Doggy Costume Contest!

Lucy: Yippee! No costumes for me! I love you, Mommy!

(We won’t tell her she still has to dress up for trick-or-treating.)

Lucy: I heard that.


So Lucy and I are helping to judge a Dog Costume Contest sponsored by, the nation’s largest online network of 5-star pet sitters and dog walkers. Check out their page if you’re looking for someone to help care for your pup.

They will publish the contest results next week on their blog, The Daily Treat. But for now, I wanted to share with you my picks for best doggy costumes!



You know I had to go with The Man (the dog?) for number 1! Prince! Isn’t he adorable?!


dog Prince

And since I love martinis almost as much as wine, here’s my pick for second place!


dog martini


This guy is just too fly! My pick for third place, Carlos from SoCal!


dog Carlos from SoCal


I do have some inside info on the contest winners, but I’m not spilling the beans. You can find out next week on The Daily Treat. But here’s a peek at the 12 finalists. What do you think? Which costumes would you have chosen?



Show me your dogs in costume!

You can leave your pics in the comments or post them on my Facebook page.

Happy Halloween!

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