13 Church Signs on Twitter

These #churchsigns cracked me up this week!

  1. Church signs 15
  2. Church sign 1
  3. church sign 2
  4. church sign 3
  5. Church sign 13
  6. Church sign 10
  7. Church sign 12
  8. Church sign 7
  9. Church sign 9
  10. Church Signs 14
  11. Church sign 6
  12. church sign 4
  13. Church sign 11


Create your own Thursday 13 and post it here! Or join in #thelistlinky.

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9 thoughts on “13 Church Signs on Twitter

  1. Interesting quotes, what I could see of them. For some reason I have trouble with your blog and am thrown out of it frequently and receive a “security certificate” notice every other second. I couldn’t even get on here to comment last week. I don’t know if it is my settings or what. Anyway, thank you for playing TT.

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  2. We drove across rural Florida last year and saw lots of these signs, I’m a fan! Love the one about getting to the point in confession, no need to say why you did it! #thelistlinky

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