Nomination for BiB Awards 2017!

Hello friends! Until recently, I had no idea that blogging awards even existed, let alone had a season. But as I’ve now become acquainted with an amazing community of bloggers, I’m learning all sorts of cool things about this industry.

Right now, it is the blogging awards nomination season, and I would humbly like to ask for your nomination for the 2017 Brilliance in Blogging Awards.

Just click on that little badge you see above and fill out the form. I think that my blog is most suited for the Family and Lifestyle category. If you choose to nominate me, you’ll need my blog name: Where the Heart Is, and my twitter handle: nicoleroder1.
You are also supposed to include a link to your favorite of my posts. Of course, you can choose any post you’d like, but here are a few of my most popular articles from this year:
Thank you so much for your support!

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