13 Things Only 90’s Kids Remember

image1. Folding actual paper notes and passing them in class. This was so much fun! I mean, I love texting as much as the next iPhone addicted mom, but I really miss my 80’s style note folding days.

2. Why they call it “rolling down” a window.

3. The absolute certainty that you could one day become rich by buying and reselling Furbies.

4. The excruciating blisters that jelly shoes left on your toe knuckles.

growing up in the 80s

cassette-tape5. Waiting by the radio for hours for your favorite song to come on so that you could “dub” it onto a blank tape. Or even knowing what a blank tape is. Or a tape.

6. Why see through phones were the coolest.

.  see through phone

7. How to spray up your bangs.

8. Why they call it “taping” a song or a movie.

9. Having to stand next to the toaster to pop up your toast at just the right time so that you can get it as dark or light as you want it.

10. How to roll up your jeans with that perfect little fold that proves you’re one of the popular kids.

11. Working out at Spa Lady in a leotard, neon leggings, and leg warmers, because you looked totally hot.

12. That a rat tail doesn’t only come on a rat.

13. Singing along to a TV sitcom theme song. Why don’t theme songs have words anymore??

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25 thoughts on “13 Things Only 90’s Kids Remember

  1. LOL! Just this morning I was trying to explain to my 8 y/o about the double tape-deck boombox I received for my 9th birthday and why it was important. This was all precipitated by Dire Straits Money for Nothing being on 80’s radio.

    Blank stares all round…

    I think we must be exactly the same age 😀

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  2. We’ve just finished Summer here and I was in a car that had one of those buttons you push to “wind the window down” and it was jammed! Their air-conditioner was on the blink and all I wanted was a original wind down window!


    1. Lol! Yes! My 9-year-old saw this blog post on my screen and said, why *do* they call it “rolling down a window?” I explained how car windows used to work and she was thoroughly unimpressed.


  3. this was way too much fun! Here is one not many of you may know about – black and white TV’s or taking out those old glass vacuum tubes and bringing them to the hardware stores to test them and find out if they needed replacing…

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  4. Every now and again I still send my best friend from school a folded paper note in the post! And for many years I used to have the Round The Twist theme tune as my ring tone! Kids these days are missing out on so much! #thelistlinky

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