Please, Lord, Let It Be Over

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As you may know if you’ve been reading my blog for a while, I am not a huge fan of winter. Particularly winter that comes in the spring time. Or winter that won’t go away. Or winter that closes school, tracks slush in my house, destroys my shoes, closes my gym, traps me at my house, and generally just causes me to shake my fists at the sky begging for God’s mercy.

So I don’t like winter.

My husband, on the other hand, loves winter. He’s from Wisconsin, he plays ice hockey, and he has a tendency to insist that it’s not cold out simply because we’re in Maryland.

Me: Aren’t you going to wear a coat?

Matt: It’s not cold.

Me: It’s 22 degrees outside and I just saw the wind knock out a fence post.

Matt: That’s barely below freezing.

Me: You know that freezing is the temperature at which water becomes ice, right?

Matt: I’m from Wisconsin.

Right. Those guys have lava instead of blood.

I was beyond relieved when the spring weather showed up. We’ve had more than a week with temperatures above forty degrees, and some of them were even sunny. Today the high was seventy. Seventy! And my kids went to school all last week without a closing or even a two-hour delay!

That’s the first time that happened in all of 2015.

But I got lazy and complacent. I let myself believe that it was real and the nightmare was over. We’d go back to our regular schedule. My kids could go to school. I wouldn’t have to change their routine Every. Single. Day. They wouldn’t have to whine about it. I could write and exercise and be a better mom.

This leads me to our dinner conversation the other night:

Matt: (Grinning ear to ear): Maybe next weekend you guys can build a snowman.
Me: What.
Matt: (Laughs hysterically)
Me: I swear, you better not mean it’s supposed to snow next weekend.
Matt: (Cracking up) No. I haven’t even checked the weather. I was just joking.
Me: If it snows because you said that, you’re sleeping on the couch.
Matt: Don’t worry, spring is here to stay.

Well, it’s not supposed to snow next weekend. It’s actually worse than that. It’s supposed to snow on Friday morning, just in time for the school system to give my kids another two-hour delay. I’m praying this is wrong. Matt thinks my weather app is messing with me. I think it’s God.

So please, join me in praying that this is all a big joke. Or at the very least, that the snow doesn’t close or delay school. Please, oh, please. I’m so done with winter.

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