Hey Strangers!

Sorry I’ve been away for a few weeks, but look where I went:



In case you can’t tell, that’s me and Gianni with Goofy in DISNEY WORLD! The whole Roder clan had a blast, especially the kids. (Though Sophia will eat slugs for lunch before she goes on the Tower of Terror again. What was I thinking?)

Here are a few highlights from our trip:

Disney breakfast1. The Disney Dining Plan is worth it, especially if you want to gain 10 pounds in 1 week. Need to bulk up for your sumo wrestler tournament? Then this is the plan for you! We each got 3 meals and 2 snacks a day, and we could eat in whichever restaurant we wanted to, even the fancy ones. Plus, each meal came with an appetizer, entree, drink, and dessert for each person.

This is me on the first day of our trip:

disney carousel


And me on the last day:


Disney food
I’m actually under that slab of bacon.


2. Vader ain’t got no game. My kids totally destroyed him.


3. The Princesses are REAL! And we met just about all of them.


4. Disney really is magical! We loved it!

Disney Family

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