Interview with the Humor Blogger:

Hello, hello! It's time for another rendition of "Interview with the Humor Blogger!" Today, I'm talking with Marie from Midlife Dramas in Pyjamas. She's a midlife blogger, big knickers wearer, gin drinker, cocktail lover, delusional dancer, reluctant gym goer, teens & hubby tamer, and cantankerous cat owner. On occasion she goes out in her pyjama top – needs must… Let's get to know her, shall we?

What Was Your Most Hilarious Parenting Fail? 13 Parent Bloggers Share

If you've been following my blog regularly, you've already heard about some of my parenting fails. It's really hard for me to choose which was the biggest, or most hilarious, though. Was it the time that I called my pediatrician's office and insisted that my daughter was born on my dog's birthday? The time I drove my kids home to the wrong house? Or got lost on the way to their school? What about the time that I woke up in the middle of the night, tore the sheets and blankets from my bed, and screamed at my husband that we had to find the baby...who was sound asleep in her crib? (And now you know why I drink.) It's really hard to choose! But since I've had so much fun writing about them, I asked some of my blogger friends to share their most hilarious parenting fails with me.

Grocery Shopping with Kids: A Tale of Two Ladies

The other day, I took my 2 boys grocery shopping at Aldi. The second we got in the car, R announced, "I don't want to go to Aldi!" "Sorry, Bud," I said. "We have to." "Nooooo!" he wailed from the back seat. I simply drove. When we arrived at Aldi, I grabbed my purse and my shopping bags, pulled the baby from his car seat, and stood by the open van door waiting on R. "Come on, Buddy. Let's go." "I'm not going!" "You have to," I said. "No I don't!" "Fine. Come on in when you're ready." A power struggle with a 5-year-old isn't really my thing, so I walked off toward the store. And just like I knew he would, R followed me. (At a distance. He had to save face, obvs.)

How to Brush Your Teeth: A Limerick

For grown-ups it's really quite easy: Give the toothpaste tube a light squeezy. Load the brush with paste, scrub your teeth in good taste, Then rinse off your toothbrush completely. But like mosts tasks we think of as simple (Like sitting or talking a little) For children the steps Are much more complex, And require … Continue reading How to Brush Your Teeth: A Limerick

13 Reasons Mommy Needs Wine

It's my "yelling medicine." Because no amount of Clorox can bleach away the near permanent pee stains that surround my toilet. To celebrate my baby's 2nd birthday, my subconscious decided to take me on an REM trip through my vivid memories of his birth. And, thanks to a large mirror that my midwife so kindly … Continue reading 13 Reasons Mommy Needs Wine

Pocket-Sized Terrors: How your new baby will scare the living s*!@ out of you

  If you are expecting your first baby, congratulations! You are about to embark on the most awesome, emotionally overwhelming, and piss-your-pants surprising journey of your life. (Literally. You will most likely piss your pants at least once. I hope you've been doing your kegels.) It may sound like I'm trying to discourage you. (Too … Continue reading Pocket-Sized Terrors: How your new baby will scare the living s*!@ out of you

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