Girls Can Pee Outside Too, and 13 Other Things I Want My Daughters to Know

2. Don't ignore your vagina. Sorry girls. I know you find this topic painfully humiliating, but it has to be said. (Aren't you glad I did this in writing?) Right around puberty, you'll start to notice some goopy stuff coming out of your vajayjay on a regular basis. This is totally normal and nothing to worry about. But if it itches, turns red, or starts to smell weird, you need to see a doctor. Vaginas are tough little mofos, but the tiniest little upset in bacteria or ph balance can cause some serious discomfort. Don't be embarrassed. Don't suffer through it because you don't want to tell me that your lady bits hurt. It's not worth it. Trust me.

13 Church Signs on Twitter

These #churchsigns cracked me up this week!   Create your own Thursday 13 and post it here! Or join in #thelistlinky. Enjoyed this post? Please vote for my blog once a day at Top Mommy Blogs!

Things I Will NOT Do Today

People write "To Do" lists all the time. You know what I think I really need? A NOT-To-Do list. I'm totally into staying positive, but honestly, couldn't we all use a quick dose of "don't do that"? Here are ten things that I will absolutely, under no circumstances, do today: I will not take my … Continue reading Things I Will NOT Do Today

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