A Mother’s Weight Loss Plan on Red Tricycle

I think we can all agree, motherhood brings with it some enormous changes. We’re learning to care for a tiny, helpless human being. We’re using our breasts to feed a person. We’re looking for nuance and hidden meaning in yawns and cries. And our once-flat stomachs have become bloated piles of wrinkly mush. (Ha ha! Who are we kidding? Our stomachs were never flat. At least not mine. Yours looks stupendous.)

Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful

I have a confession to make. I've never been completely happy with my appearance. What woman has? (Maybe Tootsie?) "I've never been completely happy" is actually a mild way of putting it. I'm pretty hard on my reflection. It would make my husband crazy. I'd look in the mirror and go, "Ugh, look at this … Continue reading Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful

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