Zenefits: How to Write a Resignation Letter

When most people resign from a job, they’re often eager to move on to the next exciting step in their careers. Some might be tempted to hop from one place to the next without much attention to what lies between, or how to properly close the door on a current position in an amicable way. But there is a right way and a wrong way to resign. And the right way starts with a well-crafted resignation letter.

Since the choices you make here could affect your career in the future, let’s look at the most common questions employees ask about writing a resignation letter.

Zenefits: Reflecting on Women in Small Business Month

Gender inequality and the gender pay gap are not only moral and social issues, but they also present an economic challenge. Women account for half the world’s population of working-age adults, but they are not currently achieving their full economic potential. If this trend continues, the global economy could suffer.

In fact, according to a 2015 report by the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI), advancing women’s economic parity can add $12 trillion in growth to the global economy by 2025. That’s an 11 percent increase. These results would come from what MGI calls a “best in region” scenario. That would mean every country in a particular region–say the Caribbean or Central America–would improve women’s economic parity with men to match the rate of the fastest improving country in their region.

Zenefits: Boost Your Productivity by Upgrading Your Work Snacks

Food is an awesome resource. It provides fuel for your day. It brings friends and family together. Many historians have argued that food, or the lack of it, has started and ended wars.

But what you eat is just as important as how much you eat. You’ve probably known this for a long time. Your partner has been after you to eat more fruits and vegetables. You’ve heard that lean proteins and whole grains can reduce your risk of heart disease, obesity, and stroke, and a low sugar diet can lower your diabetes risk too. Scientists are even saying that our food choices can affect climate change and the environment.

Zenefits: 25% of Small Businesses Are Still Using Pen and Paper for Their Payroll

There is no more essential task for an employer than payroll. If you have people working for you, they’re going to expect a check at the end of the pay period. And if it doesn’t show, you probably won’t have employees for long.

Payroll can also be one of the most intimidating employer tasks. There are numerous regulations to be aware of, forms to file, and deductions to take. For example, will you deduct health insurance premiums, flex spending, or retirement contributions? How do you withhold taxes, Medicare, and social security? How many hours does an employee have to work before overtime kicks in? And what the heck is a FICA?

Zenefits: How to Quiet Workplace Distractions and Increase Productivity

It seems that everywhere you look around the office, there is something to break your concentration. At work, there’s Slack, Jira, emails, and Confluence. Your friends and family text you all day. Your workflow is constantly interrupted by calls, push notifications, or conversations happening just outside your cubicle (or for those in open office floor plans– all around you). How are employees expected to get any uninterrupted work done with so many workplace distractions?