Elementary School Geography Curriculum–Free download

Hi everyone! This isn't my typical blog post! I spent a lot of time creating a world geography curriculum for my kids to use this year, and I love it so much that I wanted to share it.  This is meant to be used with the National Geographic Kids World Atlas, 4th Edition. (It's available on Amazon for $14 for the soft cover. It looks like the 5th edition came out a couple months ago, and that one is a little cheaper. I'm guessing it would work with this curriculum as well, but the page numbers might be off.) I would also purchase a globe and maybe a poster sized map of the world to put on your wall.

Crixeo: Why Do Institutions Cover up Child Abuse?

*This blog post is excerpted from an article that I originally wrote for Crixeo Magazine. You can find the full text here. Witnesses Often Fail to Report Child Abuse. But Why? The Answer May Lie in Psychology In January of 2018, Dr. Larry Nassar, disgraced team physician for USA Gymnastics and Michigan State University, was sentenced to 40 to 175 years in prison for decades of abuse of gymnasts under his care. Nassar assaulted 265 girls, the youngest of whom was only six years old at the time of the abuse.

Grok Nation: I Put My Toddler on a Screen Detox

*This blog post is excerpted from an article I originally wrote for Grok Nation. I homeschool three “big” kids with two dogs and a toddler at home, so I’m one busy mama. The dogs are easy. Just a pat on the head and a trip to the back  yard and they're good for hours. But my 3-year-old son, Gianni–let’s just say he doesn’t like being on the sidelines. I’d never been a mom who allowed much screen time. Gianni’s older siblings got to watch one movie a week at his age. But with my fourth kid, that rule was difficult to enforce.

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