Toulouse and Tonic: Don’t Vajazzle Your Vajiggle Jaggle, and 20 Other Things I Wish I’d Known When I Was 20

If you’ve never read Suzanne Fleet’s blog, Toulouse and Tonic, you should! She is hilarious! Check out this post she wrote about things she wishes she’d known when she was 20.

Diary of a Discerning Dog: I am still waiting

┬áDiary of a Discerning Dog Oh, hello. If this is our first meeting, then welcome to my weekly column. I am Lucy. (Not Snorty McSnortferson, Stanley, Stinky Puppy, Lucimus Goosimus Valentinius Marcilinus, or any of the other undignified┬ánicknames my family has invented for me. For crying out loud. Lucy is a perfectly respectable name. Please […]