Kids and Chores

I recently read something that said that only 28% of parents have their kids do chores, and I absolutely don’t believe it. I can’t be the only “mean mom” who assigns chores to children, can I? I asked Twitter to weigh in so we could find out. Here’s what they said.

[Spoiler Alert: Lots of kids do chores!]

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⚡️ “Kids and Chores”

— Nicole (@NicoleRoder1) May 20, 2018


3 thoughts on “Kids and Chores

  1. I don’t have any children, but I am shocked with the amount of parents around (including my own family) who don’t really get their children to do chores. Yet, still get a lot of pocket money! I’m shocked a lot by my cousins, their parents and mine would have never have allowed that! When I have kids, they will be doing chores if they want money!

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    1. I’ll never forget going to my Gran (my cousins children’s, great Grandmother) and complaining how bored they were. While there’s myself (who has sciatica at the time) and my 80 year old Gran cleaning up their mess! I came so close to saying that they could help us if they were THAT bored. You just know that’d cause a fight…I was shocked I tell ya, shocked!

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