Interview with the Humor Blogger: Daddy Poppins

Want to know what makes a humor blogger tick? Ever read a funny post and thought, “What on earth is going through that person’s head?

Today I’m talking to Benny, AKA Daddy Poppins, to answer all of my most pressing questions.

Daddy Poppins is an Irish stay at home dad who gave up work as an auctioneer (or real estate agent, if you’re in the US) to mind his kids and give you a humorous insight into life as a stay at home dad.


Daddy Poppins


1. How did your blog get started? 
I always wanted to write/do something in media but life took over. So when the chance came up to become a stay at home dad, I saw it as an opportunity to document life and get my sense of humour out to the world. (I tend to have a joke for every occasion)
Ok, most occasions. Not this one.
2. How do you define your niche? Do you have a target audience?
Anyone who likes a laugh, really. But particularly those in relationships or with kids. A lot of my humour is derived from the differences between me and my wife and the things my kids say and do. Just like me they both appear to have fallen from the crazy tree.
And when they aren’t being funny they’re being cute.
3. Where do you get your material? Do you think funny things happen to you more than other people, or do you have to “enhance” your stories to make people laugh?
I think funny things happen to everyone. I tend to present things in a slightly different way to make them humorous. There’s lots of ways to tell a joke. A lot of what I write is very relatable to people, like trying to watch tv as a parent.
4. Do you think that being funny is something that comes naturally, or can a writer learn it?
I think you have to have a natural ability to be funny. I see some humour pieces that just miss the mark (maybe they aren’t my kind of humour, or maybe other people think like that about my stuff). You either have it or you don’t in my opinion. However, you can always gain new tricks and tips by reading and listening to others. Comic timing can be very difficult in the written form. I tend to write just like I talk and so deliver lines as if I’m saying them. I find it works for me, but everyone has their own approach.
5. How do you find other humor bloggers to connect with? Is there some “humor blogger cool kids table” I haven’t been invited to?
I wish there was. I feel a bit left out as a humour blogger. Because I’m also a parent I tend to slip into their group but in linkys and pods etc I’m often the one humour blogger amongst 10 serious parent bloggers, a vegan foodie, a person selling teeth whitener and 376 reviewers of beauty products. Have you ever tried to write an honest comment on a blog about mascara? It’s pretty (pun intended) difficult as a man.
6. Seriously, do you connect with other humor bloggers?
I’ve come across and regularly interact with a few but they are generally more parenting bloggers with a sideline in humour. My blog is heavily humour based with a sideline in parenting. I love whinge whinge wine and blog of dad’s blogs
7. Do you monetize your blog? How do you do it?
Humour bloggers don’t make money unless they go viral, in my opinion and a lot of bloggers are only in it for the cash. Don’t get me wrong I do reviews but I’ll always drop a meme or the funny interaction between me and my wife/child in relation to it. I’ve a beauty of a post about the illumibowl toilet night light. If you haven’t heard of it it’s basically a light in your toilet bowl. I actually contacted them to ask if I could review it. It’s content gold. That’s the kind of thing I review. I don’t ever think I’ll be rolling in it because of my blog but hopefully some people get a laugh off it.
8. Do you think it’s harder to find a “product” to sell when your product is wit and sarcasm?
Yes, I think it will be illumibowl rather than Prada for me.
9. How do you publicize your blog? Are there any social media platforms that you think work best for humor bloggers?
I use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I think Twitter is the best place for sarcasm and wit but having said that I get a lot of my views through Facebook (and my dad jokes page works well on stumbleupon)
10. Any final words of wisdom for other humor bloggers? Write what you think is funny. Just put it out there.  I’ve applied the ‘field of dreams’ approach, if it’s funny they will come. I’m still building it,      ….they have yet to come. You could help me though. Pop over to and check out my stuff. 😜
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9 thoughts on “Interview with the Humor Blogger: Daddy Poppins

  1. Thanks for this Nicole. As a ‘funny’ blogger myself it’s great to find that his opinions match my own about being a humour blogger. It is tough in a world of serious, essay writing/review/lifestyle bloggers. So thank you – good to know I’m not alone lol!! X

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Brill post!
    I think I fall into the parent with a sideline of humour category. I much prefer writing humourous posts than serious content, but I do have it there.
    Nice to get to know more about Poppins!

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  3. Hi Nicole, very appreciated for your sharing. Actually I have been searching the internet for hours for the info you just provided. Your blog is informative and gives incredible insight into how to be a funny blogger. Keep up the good work!


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