Pinterest Group Boards for Mamapreneurs: Grow Your Home-Based Business!

Are you on Pinterest? Who isn’t? Pinterest is the MOST powerful social media tool for mamapreneurs. Whether you are a blogger, freelance writer, photographer, business consultant, consignment seller, or just some wise-cracking mom like me, Pinterest is THE place to grow your home-based business.

Why? Because it’s the best place to find your ideal customers or clients. People searching Pinterest are far more likely to purchase a product or service than any other social media platform, because that is THE REASON THEY ARE THERE!

I’ve been studying Pinterest and the ways in which I can optimize my pinning to get the most possible traffic to my site. One of the easiest ways to do this is to pin to group boards. Group boards are boards that have been set up to accept pins from multiple pinners, usually around a common theme.

For example, this board, Food Bloggers Group Board, is a community board for great recipes from food bloggers. It has 21,818 followers as of this writing, so probably a few more than you or I do. By pinning to the group board, you get your recipes seen by a lot more people than if you just pin them to your own boards. Plus, the bloggers on the group boards all support each other by re-pinning each other. So pinning to the group board really maximizes your visibility on Pinterest.

I’ve spent many hours researching which group boards are best for mamapreneurs, so you don’t have to! Here is a list of 13 Pinterest Group Boards, plus a link at the end to my FULL list of 54 Pinterest Group Boards for Mamapreneurs.


Want my FULL LIST of 54 Pinterest Boards for Mamapreneurs? Click here.




Want to check out a fabulous Pinterest scheduling tool? Try BoardBooster! I use BoardBooster to schedule all of my pins, and it has made my life SO much easier. I can automatically pin all of my new blog posts to EVERY SINGLE group board I belong to! I don’t have to spend an eternity pinning and re-pinning everything. The scheduler just does it for me! Check it out!

And if you’re in the mood to make someone else laugh while making yourself the hit of the party, head over to my etsy store and purchase some of my Mommy Needs Wine products. Or just share one of my posts on your social media. I love sharing! Sharing makes squeal with joy. (Good Lord, don’t hog all of my wit for yourself! Sharing is caring!)

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54 Group Pinterest Boards for Mamapreneurs. Mom bloggers, photographers, freelance writers, or anyone with a home-based business, join these group boards

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