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The Chesapeake Bay Bridge: Invented by Satan, Because Driving Was Just Not Terrifying Enough

My husband and I just celebrated our 10 year anniversary. Go us! To mark the occasion, we spent the weekend in a beautiful bed and breakfast on Kent Island. If you’ve never been, Maryland’s Eastern Shore is gorgeous. It’s home to several famous beaches, as well as a sprinkling of charming and quaint small towns where locals go to fish, crab, kayak, walk in untamed primeval forests, see a plethora of wildlife, pan for gold or ride a stage coach in an Old West Frontier town, walk in the footsteps of Harriet Tubman, and eat in some outstanding restaurants.

Unfortunately, this little corner of Maryland (that I am rather fond of) is…across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge.


Your Penis Is Not a Lightsaber, and 13 Other Things Boys Should Know

You might remember, a few weeks ago I posted a heartfelt letter to my daughters with a list of life lessons I hoped they’d learn before middle school. I got such a positive response to that article! So many moms told me they hoped the same things for their girls, and many said they would share my letter with their own children. I can’t describe how much that touched my heart. As I said to some of my commenters, that may be the best compliment I’ve ever received on my writing.

The No Fail Gift Guide for a Potter-Obsessed Child

It is possible that my consummate, unadulterated, and downright child-like passion for all things Christmas and magical may be coming back to bite me. You see, I have a bit of a–let’s say “feverish obsession” with convincing my kids of the existence of magic.

As you may recall, I am a bit infatuated with Christmas and Santa Clause. In my house, Santa brings the presents on Christmas. He has magical elves who watch over my children all year and report to Santa on their behavior. Sometimes the elves leave letters for the kids, or inadvertently tip something over, leaving evidence that they’ve been there.

A Mother’s Prayer

Dear Lord, as I gaze upon the calm and peaceful countenance of my sleeping child, I am filled with a love so great, that I am certain my body can’t hold it. And then the love continues to grow, and I am amazed that You’ve given me a heart capable of holding something larger than the encapsulated sum of everything.