How to Brush Your Teeth: A Limerick

Photo Credit: Getty Images

For grown-ups it’s really quite easy:

Give the toothpaste tube a light squeezy.

Load the brush with paste, scrub your teeth in good taste,

Then rinse off your toothbrush completely.

But like mosts tasks we think of as simple

(Like sitting or talking a little)

For children the steps

Are much more complex,

And require a large time committal.

They still use the brush and the paste,

With strawberry, lime cookie taste,

But the process for squeezing

Toothpaste has no meaning

Unless their art skills are showcased.

The counters and walls are their canvas

For the best goopy art on the planet.

Somehow they even

Spread the stuff on the ceiling

 And down on the new kitchen granite.


Who knew that my kids had such talent?

Even with such a limited palette!

It’s time that they knew,

I’ve got a skill too.

I can make lots of extra chores happen!


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