How to Get Away with Murder


This morning, Raymond got in major trouble for climbing on Gianni’s crib (which he has been warned about 1000 times) because he actually caused some damage to it. Matt managed to fix it, but it could’ve been really bad, so no TV or dessert for Raymond for a while.

Just now, I heard a loud crash upstairs, then Raymond crying, “MOOOOOOOOMMMMM!!!! MOOOOOOOOOMMMM!!! HEEEEELLLLLPPP!!!”

I went running upstairs, “What happened???”

Raymond was lying on the floor next to the crib. “Nothing you need to know about!”

OK, so obviously he was climbing on the crib again. Good grief. Do I need to electrify this thing?

“Were you climbing on the crib?” I inspected the bars and rails for damage. Everything seemed OK.

“No!” Raymond clutched his back and rolled around on the carpet, clearly in pain. “I hurt my back!”

I rolled my eyes and tried my best not to laugh. “How did you hurt it, Bud?” I knelt next to him and gathered him into my lap.

“I don’t want to tell you!”

“Because you were climbing on the crib again.”

“No I wasn’t!” He nuzzled his face into me and wrapped his little arms around my neck.

I let a chuckle escape. I couldn’t help it. This was so Raymond. Deny any wrongdoing despite mountains of evidence staring us both in the face, then turn on the sweet little boy charm and love on mommy.

In his bestest, sweetest, baby boy voice he said, “Will you carry me to the couch, since I hurt my back?”

Oh, that little stinker!

“Sure I will, Bud.”

After I laid him down and gave him a kiss, he turned to me, his eyes wide and brows raised. The corners of his mouth turned up in a smirk that he couldn’t hide. “Could I watch a little TV?”

Now I was really cracking up. “Are you serious?”

For the record, I didn’t let him watch any TV. But someday, when the kids are older and the girls complain that their little brother gets away with everything they were never allowed to do, they’ll probably be right.

Ay ay ay. This kid.

4 thoughts on “How to Get Away with Murder

    1. My guess is he’ll drink the beer in the kitchen and then try to chug it real quick when he hears us coming. I’ll walk in and he’ll have beer dripping down his chin and a can behind his back saying, “I didn’t do anything!”


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