My Dog’s Christmas List

One of my favorite Christmas posts! Getting in the spirit!

where the heart is

Alternate Title: The Christmas Wish List of Lucimus Goosimus Varcinius Maximus Roder (Lucy to her friends)

This is Lucy. 


As you can see, she is quite adorable. That ridiculous nickname above is courtesy of my husband. She also goes by Lucy Goose, Snorty McSnortferson, Stanley the Grumpy Old Man, and Puppy. I’m pretty sure I gave her at least one of those names. You’ve heard dozens of stories about my kids, but honestly, Lucy is my first baby, and the first person to whom Santa brought presents in the Roder household. I’ve long believed that she was a human trapped in a dog’s body. Since that ten month-old baby got to dictate a letter to Santa, I thought I’d send out the wish list I’m sure Lucy would write herself, if only she had opposable thumbs.

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