The Time Suck

swirling clock

I need to be writing. I mean I really need to be writing. My book has been on hold since the day my youngest son was born, and I absolutely, positively, need to get back to it!

Everyone says, “Well, you’ve got a pretty good excuse!” And that’s true. And don’t get me wrong, nothing is more important to me than being a mom right now. It’s just that this whole “Hopefully-I’ll-have-time-to-write-tomorrow” thing is driving me swirly-eyed cuckoo, and my kids are starting to look at me like this:

Concerned baby thought bubble

In an effort to at least get something down on paper, here is a list of things I’ve done this week instead of writing:

  1. Nursed the baby on the sofa.
  2. Checked Facebook approximately 900 billion times.
  3. Sat at swim team practice in rainy, 60-degree weather for my daughters, neither of whom can swim.
  4. Nursed the baby in a pool chair.
  5. Nursed the baby while jumping up from my pool chair to keep my three-year-old from falling into the big pool.
  6. Called out, “Yes, honey, I saw you swim!” to my daughter, who was definitely not swimming, as I nursed the baby and grabbed the toddler’s arm just millimeters from the big pool.
  7. Ran back to Target seventeen times because, naturally, I forgot something.
  8. Nursed the baby in Target’s dressing room and grocery aisles, because apparently, he never stops eating.
  9. Got in THREE whole work outs and showers, during which I did NOT have to nurse the baby! Yipee!
  10. Changed 62 diapers.
  11. Wasted a nap time pondering how on Earth the day went by so quickly.
  12. Spent approximately 15 months, 3 weeks, 5 days, and 6.2 hours applying sunscreen to children. (You didn’t know there were so many hours in the last week, did you?)
  13. Kissed 26 boo boos all better.
  14. Snuggled and sang 4 kids to sleep.
  15. Ate way too much delicious food on a rare date night with my husband–and registered a slight loss on the scale the next morning. Score!
  16. Sang the good morning song, which happens to be Uptown Funk, on the way to school, because my phone will no longer play music in my car.
  17. Played with my newborn baby nephew, who is just as beautiful as his lovely mama.
  18. Watched my 7-year-old get slightly tipsy at church because she gulped way too much wine at communion.
  19. Heard the baby laugh for the first time.
  20. Filmed the big kids performing Uptown Funk on their toy instruments to entertain the baby.
  21. Celebrated my nieces’ fifth birthdays!
  22. Heard at least 10 unsolicited “I love you mom”‘s.
  23. Thanked God that I get to do this every single day.

Ah, well. Some things are much better than writing. I’ll get that book done soon, though! I swear!

9 thoughts on “The Time Suck

  1. Oh wow, your words take me back. The nursing, the constant supervision, the sunscreen. Oh, the sunscreen, I remember it well. There are some advantages to having teens, I guess.

    You’re doing a wonderful job. Here’s hoping you’ll get some writing time as a reward. In between nursing. Or maybe WHILE nursing. 😉


    1. Haha! Yes! I have no idea where my old Boppy pillow is, but maybe I could get a new one and just prop him up there while I type away. I’ll just have to run to Target first. 😉

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