I’m Baaaaaack!!

Image courtesy weddingbycolor.com

Wow, have I been gone a while! If you’re a regular blog follower, you may have noticed that I seemed to have disappeared for a couple months. Well, there’s a good reason for that. I had a baby! birth photo Two months ago, my family welcomed our newest member, little Gianni. This is me and my little cone head on our big day. I never mentioned that I was pregnant because I figured, “Hey, this is my fourth kid. I’ll just keep up with everything. Maybe I’ll take a week off, but no one will notice. It’ll be fiiiiiiiine.” Fast forward two months, and I haven’t written a single word. I did manage to produce a human being, though, so I think I’ve been productive enough. But I’m ready to write and blog again, so here I am! I’ve got a bunch of “Writing Quote Tuesdays” and “Photo Fridays” saved up in my drafts, I’m working on some longer posts, and I’m ready, ready, ready to edit my book into shape. (Hey, I finally did that “put-it-in-a-drawer” thing for more than a month! Who knew child birth could make a writer so patient?) I can’t wait to get reacquainted with all of you and find out what you’ve been up to! Thanks for sticking with me!

4 thoughts on “I’m Baaaaaack!!

  1. Wow, how exciting! Congratulations! I would say having a baby trumps everything else for sure. Hope you’re having a smooth post-partum experience. What a joyous way to bring in the summer. 🙂


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