Tell the Wolves

Hey everybody! So I’ve decided to throw my very first blog contest. I’m giving away a signed copy of Tell the Wolves I’m Home by Carol Rifka Brunt.

Here are the rules. Just fill in the blank for this statement in the comments section below: “One problem only kids from my generation would understand is…”

Any response will do. It doesn’t have to be funny or witty, just something that reminds you of your childhood. I don’t even care if it’s your original thought. Go ahead and Google “Problems only 80’s kids would understand.” Doesn’t matter to me! And if you really, truly just can’t think of anything, just leave any comment. Even a, “Hi Nicole!” will work.

I’ll start. One problem only kids from my generation would understand is…having to buy the tape and read the insert before you can figure out the lyrics to your favorite song. You can just Google it now!

So leave a comment (must be on this blog page, not on Facebook or Twitter) and you’re entered! And if you share this post on Facebook or Twitter, I will be ever so grateful that I’ll throw your name in the hat twice. (Actually, I’m going to count up all the entries and use a random number generator. That’s another thing today’s kids will never have to do. Throw names in a hat!) Make sure to tag me (FB) or mention me (Twitter) when you share so I know it was you.

You are welcome to comment as many times as you like, but each person can only have two entries in the contest (1 comment, 1 share).

If you live outside the US, you are welcome to enter the contest, but your prize will be an Amazon gift card instead of the book.

The contest is open for one week, until 11:59 PM EDT on Monday, Sept. 23.

Good luck!

19 thoughts on “Contest!!

  1. ….Having to make a decision between watching the Barbara Mandrell Show OR Solid Gold – but not both – because they come on at the exact same time!


  2. One problem only kids from my generation would understand is…standing in line at the university computer lab waiting for your turn to check your email because it’s a system only available on university computers.


  3. One problem only kids from my generation would understand is… having to wait that annoyingly long time for the VCR video tape to rewind in order to watch it and blowing into the Atari game cartridge in order to get it to work (did it ever really do anything though? prob not!)


  4. A problem of my generation was to tell mum to hang up the phone so we could use the internet. Sometimes, this would take ages. Of course, unlimited plans were not available at the time, so using the internet was kind of a stressful time pressure, as well.

    Another earlier memory was to wait long hours listening to the radio to wait for my favorite song to come up and record it on an overused old tape.

    Okay, I’m not sure, if I can name two, but those were two of my fondest memories. 🙂


  5. One problem only kids from my generation would understand is how a woman wearing pants is akin to burning a bra.
    I was one of the first women employed at Providence Hospital to wear a pant suit to work. The day I showed up in my white, pristine pant uniform, I was an instant celebrity with bouquets of compliments tossed my way! I was drunk on the adulation of my many admirers. That afternoon riding the elevator I encountered an old gent with an intense stare. Of course, I thought, another adoring fan. He spoke.
    Humph … do you know what you remind me of?
    Now, in my defense, I was a young and naive 17 year old so ‘Humph … do you know what you remind me of’, did not trigger for me the alarm that it would today.
    No, I responded expectantly.
    A white wing.
    Oh … was my noncommittal response. After all why ruin a perfectly good compliment by asking for definitions? He wasn’t finished
    Do you know what a white wing is?
    Well, no
    In my day, they were men who walked up and down the street, sweeping up horse manure.
    Oh … thanks?

    Crusty old men 1
    Pant suit wearers (aka bra burners) 0

    And that was the first shot of the revolution. And now, I’d like to thank the thousands upon millions of women who since have begun wearing pant suits in solidarity with me.


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