Fun things I’ve learned through novel research

John and Marlena have been talking divorce! But he only wanted to get Kristen to sleep with him so Brady would break up with her!


To detect a witch, put a Bible under her mattress, put a broomstick in her path, scratch across underher chair, or put a little pawpaw in her tobacco. Any of these things will make a witch deathly sick. You could also get a new awl and fix it so just a little bit of the tip sticks out in the seat of a chair, then get the witch to sitinit. If she screams and jumps up, she’s not a witch, because a witch couldn’t feel it.

Ozark Witch

Someone ran the 800 meter in less than 1min. 41 seconds!

Many life insurance policies really do pay in the event of suicide.

Ozark superstitionsIf you see a hog in the road, turn around. Wherever you are going, you are not welcome.

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve ever learned through novel research?

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